About Us

Mr David Ronan created Dragon Hygiene Consultants in March 2005; the aim of the company was to provide specialist cleaning services to the police and local authorities in South Wales. In May 2007 the company was expanded to cover Prisons, NHS, and the Fire Service. Dragon Hygiene Consultants was closed on March 2008 and Crime Scene Cleaning UK Ltd was born. The first action was to expand Crime Scene Cleaning to offer our services to police authorities and county councils throughout the UK. Crime Scene Cleaning UK Ltd is now in a position to provide a unique specialised cleaning and decontamination service tailor made for the emergency services throughout the UK.

We believe Crime Scene Cleaning UK Ltd is unique in offering this service as our company is dedicated in working for the Police, Prisons, Fire, NHS Trusts, and County Councils this allows us to guarantee a high standard of service by any of our highly trained technicians and a quick response time to call outs to any area of the UK 24/7, 52 weeks a year.

Crime Scene Cleaning is supported by Redwood Security in the supply to the Emergency Services and the MOD with a full range of decontamination services for major incidents and for the decontamination of their equipment including the decontamination of chemical and biological incidents. (Redwood Security provides solutions to protect organisations, individuals, and assets against CBRN threats based on specialist (CBRN) knowledge combined with substantial operational experience.

Our success is based on an in-depth understanding of the cleaning & decontamination needs of the emergency services and on our effective quality management systems. Since our formation in 2008, Crime Scene Cleaning Ltd has grown to be a major force in the clean-up of chemical and bio incidents, including warfare chemicals.

We also developed our progress to support the NHS in the fight against decontamination of diseases including the decontamination of Ebola and exotic diseases and most recent decontamination of COVID 19.

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